What is the Hardship Fund? 

The Family Financial support has been set up by the 2nd Exeter Executive Committee. Its aim is to help parents of our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who might be struggling to pay their subscription (subs) charges and/or buy uniform. 

When did you start offering The Family Financial support ? 

We started offering Hardship funding in March 2023. 

How is this funded? 

Unlike schools who receive funding to help people in hardship, we do not. We therefore cannot guarantee the availability or amount of funding will be the same each term/year. Funds are made available from donations. In the future, once we have an idea of the need, we may request grants to assist us. 

Each year the Executive will set aside a sum (subject to available income) to be used as for The Family Financial support fund. This amount may change year on year. 

If you are interested in sitting on the Executive please contact the Group Scout Leader. 

Am I eligible to apply? 

Priority will be given to those families in receipt of pupil premium. However, applications are considered from families who are not in receipt of government funding, but who find themselves in need of assistance. 

How do I apply? 

Applications should be made toThe Family Financial support officer by using the form on our Web Site. Applications can be made at any time of year, subject to there being funds available. 

How much is available to me? 

Amounts awarded may vary, dependent on funds available. Awards will be made of up to 50% of subs to be charged and/or 50% towards uniform costs. Should your application be successful you will be notified of the award made and any outstanding subs you will need to pay. 

The aim is to help parents in need by paying a proportion of their subs and/or by purchasing uniform on their behalf. 

Who can I contact for further information? 

Please contact the Hardship Policy Officer for further details whose contact details are on the application form. Our Hardship Fund Policy document can be viewed here